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Dry Cleaning your Emma Tindley Gown

I have so many questions from my lovely brides about dry cleaning their gowns, especially our lace creations. I had a meeting with the team recently and we have decided, as a matter of course, to give every bride a swatch of the fabric and lace used when the dress is picked up. Why I hear you ask?

Well we know that we use the best fabrics to create our amazing gowns but the dry cleaners are seeing more and more manufactured gowns that are mass produced with much cheaper fabrics and lace. As a consequence of this it has made them wary as to how these gowns will cope with the dry cleaning process.

All the beading and lace that is used in our boutique is made wit , beads and not the plastic that can be found on many inferior gowns and our fabrics are of the best quality. Plastic beads will melt during the dry cleaning process and a dry cleaners may not be prepared to accept your gown for dry cleaning if this is the case.

By giving our bride's fabric and/or lace swatches when they collect their Emma Tindley gown they can take these to the dry cleaners with their gown after the big day to enable their dry cleaners of choice to, in effect, do a patch test. This will assure the dry cleaner they are dealing with a couture gown and not something that has been manufactured cheaply and in bulk.

So that’s just one of the many reasons why an Emma Tindley bride buys our British Made and award-winning gowns.


So What Makes a Designer

I thought I would write a little blog today about being a designer and why I love it. Lots of people can’t believe that I design and make all the dresses in the West Sussex boutique and studio; I think part of the charm is the dresses are all made with love right here in East Grinstead.

When I was a little girl I dreamt of creating beautiful gowns and it was a dream that would never leave me. I knew that to fulfil my dream I would need to undertake a lot of training, which is why I attended the London College of Fashion. It was here that I realised my love for pattern cutting, once the design sketch is done pattern cutting is where my gowns start to come to life. Pattern cutting is one of the single most important things that a designer should be able to do as it is the very basis of a gown’s creation.

To watch a collection grow from those first little seedlings that start in my head to the collection of dresses that I launch every year is something that will always take my breath away. Naming my dresses is incredibly important, they all have their own personalities and the name has to be just right to do my new ‘babies’ justice!

I am lucky enough to have a team that is as dedicated and passionate as I am about my gowns. My head seamstress aka Jill my right-hand woman is with me every step of the way, be it creating the new collection or bringing a bride’s dream dress to life and I am honoured and privileged that she is a part of Team Tindley.

So just a wee glimpse of life inside the Tindley empire; have a happy evening and I hope to enlarge upon what it is to be a designer in nice bite-sized pieces throughout the year.