The 2015 Collection Shoot

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Phew not sure my feet have recovered from yesterday’s 2015 collection shoot. We brought the shoot forward a bit this year for all sorts of reasons so there was lots to do in a short time, Claire and I chatted extensively about the brief for the shoot as the locations really did have to fit the dresses.

Although it was a marvellous day for eating ice cream and basking in the sun; the light was somewhat of a challenge earlier in the day but there was a specific shot that Claire and I had planned and we forged on like the consummate professionals we are.  As with all shoots we needed lots of cake to ensure the creative juices remained flowing and wow with the team this year the cake purchases were immense!!

So I leave you today with a sneak peek that Claire took on her iPhone; yes her iPhone.  I love it and can’t believe this is straight from her phone and can’t wait to see the images she took on her proper cameras.

Have a lovely week,